Share-Point Development

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     Business process automation and information sharing across different departments or branch offices plays a key role in smooth functioning and growth of any commercial organization. Microsoft Office SharePoint Development has helped to extend sharepoint server capabilities to meet the growing demand from organization to organization.

     Ronish Solutions has extensive experience with Microsoft Office SharePoint Development too. Our company has helped prestigeous organizations with applications providing automated workflows to track approval cycles, business dashboards showing performance as against goals, syncing documents to MS Outlook and much more!

     SharePoint Portal for enterprise intranet or extranet sites and corporate internet sites.

     SharePoint Service and SharePoint Portal Server 2010 is the one of the best Microsoft tools for collaborative work using the best of Microsoft office 2010. Together, SharePoint Products and Technologies give users the ability to organize information, readily access that information, manage documents, and enable efficient collaboration, all in a familiar, browser-based and Microsoft Office-integrated environment. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Bitscape offers custom SharePoint development services, including creation of custom SharePoint web services.

     Deploying the collaboration tool with strategic planning is just half the battle in most cases. The utilization of web part of SharePoint services for SharePoint portal application development is the most critical part which organizations should focus on and convert to benefit their ROI. We at Bitscape offer you value for your money, and our core experience in MS technologies, which ensures the best possible result and on time delivery, combining the best of business intelligence tools and techniques. There are many methods among which the most popular is to implement a web service and put a layer between the client's application and SharePoint. This allows custom actions execution before writing document and events execution after a document is written to SharePoint. Custom web service writing for SharePoint is the key for the majority of custom SharePoint development.